Relationship Problems

Relationship Problems

Relationship in life is very important. In fact, it is a very important part of life. Nobody can live a life without any relationship with any ne. It comes under the basic need of human being. Daily many cases of relationships come to me. Know what type of problems comes in relationships, why breakups take place and how astrology helps to overcome from this problem. People who are facing issues in life then if you are also one of them who is facing issues in their love life then you can consult us. Here we are providing several common relationship problems and solutions. You will come to know the factors & core reasons affecting relationships and formula to live a better personal life.

Factors that are Affecting Relationship are:

  • Lack of Friendship - This is very important thing which has to be considered first. If relationship is getting affected, it means that there is something problem in behavior. Friendly behavior is necessary to maintain any relationship. Don't try to dominate and don't show your rude behavior, try to act as a friend with your partner.
  • Difference in Expectations - It is also an important point. If any of the partner is unable to know the expectations of other then it creates distance slowly.
  • Lack of Time to Spend Together - It is very necessary to spend time with partner to understand feelings, to share views etc. but if it is not happening then also relationships gets affected.
  • Stress and Anxiety - Any types of stress and anxiety due to official work or any out side event will create problem in relationship if you are showing its negativity in home.
  • Lack of Trust - Always doing doubts on partner will definitely lead to breakup. So keep trust and let the partner enjoy the life as per his or her mood. Don't compel any one to act as per your expectations.
  • Any type of Disability - This is a very important reason in many cases that partner is unable to satisfy the partner and due to this relationships gets affected.
  • Financial Problems - If this is the factor then don't let it dominate your relationship. Try to solve this problem together.
  • Unemployment or Job Loss Problem - Sometimes it happens that due to unemployment for long time person enter in depression and start behaving negatively. So in this case it is very important to calm our self and support the partner to face the period of downfall patiently.
  • Problems from Parents Side - Sometimes caring of aging parents may cause problems in life. so this matter must be handled very carefully.
  • Violence with Partner - Any type of violence with partner is the strong reason of distance with the partner. It is better to understand the importance of partner and don't do any violence.

Above all are some of the practical reasons of breakups or relationship problems. But now we are clearing all the astrology reasons of problems in relationships because it is said that persons behavior is totally governed by the planets in horoscope. So if we want solutions of any problems then it is good to study the planets and then take strong remedies.

Planetary Positions Responsible for Relationships Problems:

  • Horoscope reveals ever thing so if we are facing relationship problems then it is better to consult a good love astrologer to know the exact reasons through astrology. Here i am providing some of the planetary positions which affect the personal life
  • If any malefic planet is present in Ist house and if it is viewing the partnership place then it may affect the relationship.
  • If partnership place is affected by any type of vish dosha, grahan dosha, malefic planet dosha then also relationship is affected.
  • If any mahadasha of malefic planet is going on then also relationship affected.
  • If any negative relation is forming with happiness place and partnership place then also it affects the relationship.
  • If the master of partnership place is generating malefic effects then also it will disturb the relationships.
  • If destiny is also not supporting than also person faces problems in personal life.

How Astrology Helps to Solve the Relationships Problems?

When problems arise in any relationships then following process is adopted by astrologer to solve the problems that are arising in love life. In the short span of time all the problems get eliminated.

  • Birth details of both the persons are needed for analysis.
  • Minute analysis is done to know the exact problems.
  • After analysis remedies is given though gems stone, pooja, occult sciences.
  • Everything is cleared through phone and email.

So astrology is very useful to solve the relationships problem. If you or any one is facing relationships problems then don't worry consult know and get the perfect ways to get rid of the relationships problems through astrology.

How Astrologer RAM ji Will Resolve Your Problems?

Astrologer RAM ji is specialist in the field of astrology and he is the one who has intuitive knowledge of all segment related whatever moment can occur before and after marriage. He has many years of experience of resolving issues of the people’s and instantly get out them hassles. Our astrologer fame globally because of having deeper and great command of the whole segment of love problems along with had helped of lots of the people’s and all are satisfied with their powerful and suitable services. Whenever you will go in shelter of our astrologer and he will eliminate all obstacles through which you are not able to get love problems. So you can consult our specialist astrologer for love problem solution and enjoy wonderful relation as you dreamed about it with your lover.

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