Get You’re Ex Love Back

Get You’re Ex Love Back

Why not get back with your ex? You had a great connection. You know what split you up the first time and have a strategy for dealing with those challenges this time around. Or maybe, those problems solved themselves. Maybe you've both matured and are ready for the relationship you were always meant to have. What could go wrong?

Your wayward heart could lead you right back into the issues that sent you packing in the first place. Anything can seem better than the misery of a break up. And even if you get past that, the 'single life' can be bad enough to make you nostalgic for worse times. What could go wrong is that you bounce back and forth, just prolonging the difficult process of cutting ties.

One of the most tempting, but most dangerous, times to get back together is right after breaking up. No matter which side of it you're on, splitting up can make us feel isolated, anxious, depressed, guilty and unloveable. Astrologer RAM ji likened the effects to the withdrawal symptoms from addictive substances, so it's not hard to see why people will do just about anything to make it stop, including going back to a partner that isn't good for them.

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