Property Problems

Property Problems

Not only normal fights, but people even kill their relatives like brother, sister, father and mother to get property. Thousands of cases are pending in courts of India related to property problems and there are no solutions. Whole life of people goes in vain in property related court cases. Sometime, people want to buy a new property like a shop, house, kothi, bungalow etc., but they are worried about investing in new property. Astrological consultation and guidance is must in property matters as few people spent their whole life income to buy a new property. Here you will get help of Astrologer RAM ji to resolve your property issues. He will analyze your Horoscope in detail and find the cause of the same with suggested remedies which result in elimination of all hurdles in delay in property acquisition or problems related thereof.

He will advise you on topics like:

  • Which property to buy or which property to sale?
  • Which is auspicious day to buy or sell the property?
  • Which gemstones to wear and which mantras to chant to solve property problems?

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