Gemini Horoscope Today

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It will be a boring day at work so take advantage of your breaks, you and your colleagues should entertain each other.


Your lucky numbers are 7, 10, 51 and 83 but do steer clear from any gambling or games that involve luck.


Don’t let loneliness distract you from all the good things and happiness that surrounds you. Invite a friend over!


Take care of your stomach, make sure to talk to your doctor if something feels off in that area. Mentally you will be feeling better than you did in a while.


Thoughts of your ex are going to cloud your vision of someone who’s showing you great interest, reciprocate! If you’re in a relationship just make sure you tell them how much they mean to you.


If you have any travel plans, make sure you and whoever you’re going with is prepared and that the reservations and transport is all in order.

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